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Rick Knoll PhD

Chemist, Organic Farmer, Soil Consultant

Holding two Ph.D.’s – one in Chemistry from UC Irvine, and one in Organic Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz, Rick worked for 6 years as an aerospace-industry chemist at Lawrence-Livermore Labs. One day while formulating rocket fuel he decided he’d rather be doing something to help the earth than to pollute it. Since much of what he studied in the early 1970’s laid the foundation for his interest in growing food without chemicals, Rick and his wife Kristie purchased land and began organically farming in Brentwood, northern California. His former studies in Agro-Ecology at UC Santa Cruz helped him navigate becoming a full-time farmer, where for over 35 years he has been growing a bio-diversity of over 150 foods on his 10 acre year-round, bio-abundant farm, which delivers more produce than 200 acres of commercially farmed land.

Rick’s state-of-the-art farming model specializes in red worm compost, liquid fertilizer, and ecological systems that are sustainable, bio-diverse, and that grows food inoculated with immune boosting enzymes, flavonoids, and bio-available vitamins and minerals.

Knoll Organic Farm stands as the cutting-edge food/grow model of the future. Each item of food and herb produce grown on Rick’s farm delivers nutrient density and inoculates the body with truly beneficial immune factors – as real food should be. Visit www.KnollOrganics.com for more of Rick’s food and farming wisdom.