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Premium Red Worm Castings Make a Beneficial Difference

Nutritious food and greener landscaping can grow anywhere

Environmental Benefits


  • Top soil is preserved, erosion is reduced, arid soil is hydrated, and drought conditions are improved with the use of worm castings.
  • Penalties, fines, and costs associated with Environmental Protection Agency regulation of dairy waste are eliminated, making dairy operations significantly more profitable, healthier for cows, and less toxic to the environment.
  • Removal of manure and waste management problems for feed lots and dairy operations would allow for more heads of cattle, and more dairy cows that require less antibiotics transferred to their beef and milk. Greater yield of milk, cheese, butter, and meat and translates to cleaner and increased amounts of food available for the world market, less starvation, and lower end-product cost.
  • Mountains of contaminating manure are removed from the industrial landscape, eliminating foul odor, run-off into streams, and injury to wildlife, and are transformed into organic plant food.
  • Dairy operations have a ready market and consumer for all manure that will be recycled into highly desirable and enriched soil supplements.
Application Benefits


  • Backyard gardeners, small farmers and organic growers alike have experienced dramatic increase in crop yield, health of plants, and improved taste and marketability.
  • Landscapers, schools, and city greens and landscape maintenance know the value of greener, less water consuming, fewer maintenance problems, and healthier and non-toxic lawns, sports fields, park settings, foliage, trees and flowers.
  • Commercial growers of organic food and edible flowers can deliver better quality products, with more output and longer growing seasons, less water use, and create demand with superior edible produce.
  • Nurseries and gardening supply stores create loyal customers with repeat demand for premium worm castings that give home growers what they really want.
  • Golf courses that consume less petro-chemical products, keep greens greener – even in arid climates, use less water, require less maintenance, and provide a healthier atmosphere for golfers.
Root Benefits

Root Growth Comparison

by percentage of worm castings

castings root comparison

Here we see the root development between the control plant (with no worm castings) to the left and then on to the right, with each plant having received an addition of 5%, then 10%, and 15% Premium Red Worm Castings. Each successive plant that received additional amounts of worm castings developed better; notice with the improved below ground root system, the better the above ground plant, with increased food or flower productivity. The proof of growth and production is in the root, determining and maintaining the quality of taste, color, and vitality above the root.

The health of the soil is essential to the health of people and other living things. Our Premium Red Worm Casting soil supplements rehabilitate the soil safely and non-toxically, amplify root growth for increased plant health and immunity to disease, save water, and are approved for use on organic crops. We are proud to be part of the “go-organic” movement, which seeks to improve environmental and human health while protecting our resources for generations to come.

Read more about trials and labs here.

MEGA-MOIST with Bio-char

Tomato and Pepper Field Trials


Mega-Moist containing Bio-char increases plant productivity under reduced water and fertilizer application rates

LESS WATER, Higher Yields

Under a 20% reduction in water, tomatoes grown in soils amended with bio-char not only equaled but surpassed the production levels of the grower’s standard!

Even more impressive, bell peppers grown using bio-char also demonstrated a production increase under a 40% reduction in water!


Bio-char continued to perform under reduced fertilizer application rates. Under a 20% reduction in nitrogen fertilizer from the grower’s standard, both tomatoes and peppers again demonstrated an increase in productivity.

Peppers Grown WITHOUT Biochar

Peppers Grown WITH Biochar

Aquaponic Lettuce

Right without Mega-Moist    –   Left with Mega-Moist

bio-char lettuce trials

Demonstration of lettuce growth – Notice:

Reduction of water loss

Better root development

Larger biomass

Deeper color

Lettuce on the right grown with Mega-Moist with bio-char

It’s a no-brainer!

Whether in the city, suburbia, rural, or wilderness Soil Pharm Premium Worm Casting Soil Supplements are the link to a brighter and healthier future. Premium worm castings energize trace minerals with an organic “punch” that would have been found in ancient soils, yielding bigger, juicier and incredibly more nutritious and delicious produce. Nutrition is the common denominator that sustains mankind. The lack of it breeds obesity, hunger, and disease.