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We at Soil Pharm have adopted the practice of making and leaving the world a better place through cleaning up food, soil, water, and energy. Our production of growing, harvesting, and offering Premium Red Worm Castings is our way of making it happen. Here’s the process:

  • Worms eat organic matter

    Millions of healthy Red Tiger Worms are continuously fed manure, other nutrients, and water, and are sustained in a temperature controlled facility that provides the perfect setting for the worm’s unique digestive system to begin the organic chemical process of transforming waste into supercharged mineral soil supplements.

  • Manure is delivered

    Manure from local dairy operations, race tracks, and feed lots is collected and delivered to the Soil Pharm facility. The dairy operations yield enough manure to feed the worms their weight in manure each day.

  • Worms produce castings

    The hormones, enzymes, castings, and micro-organisms in the worm excretions contribute to creating the ideal soil supplement and builder. From manure consumption, the worms will produce approximately 18 to 25 lbs. of castings per 100 lbs. of manure.

  • The population doubles

    The worms produce year-round under supervised, environmentally beneficial conditions. Worm population doubles every eight (8) weeks, allowing for exponential production of castings.

  • Castings are collected

    Castings are collected, and then either cold cultured, mixed, or otherwise prepared for drying, and then shipped to the facility that air dries, screens, and packages the castings. Minimal processing and all organic materials insure a cleaner, higher enzyme, microbial and mineral rich products.

  • Castings are combined with other materials

    Proprietary mixes of organic worm castings combined with bio-char, granite dust, sea minerals, and other materials are available for use in the agricultural, gardening, green house, domestic plants, and golf-course industries.

Medicine for Earth & Man

Our organic worm casting soil supplements are so pure, nutrient rich, and microbially balanced that they can completely rehabilitate depleted soil in short periods of time. When cold cured they can also rehabilitate the healing properties of the human digestive system. Cold cured and microbially processed worm castings become homeostatic soil organism (HSO) supplements, which have been shown to remediate depleted pre and pro-biotic microbes that may reverse the symptoms of Crone’s disease, IBS, Colitis, and a host of other auto-immune diseases. If the medicinal properties of red worm castings can do that for humanity, imagine what it will do for the ecology of the planet.

Naturally Successful Results from Professional, Sustainable Production

Premium Red Worm Castings work by enriching and building soil with organic macronutrients, plant-essential micronutrients, and beneficial microbes that work to deliver treasures of casting nutrients directly to plants. The increased nutrient bio-availability increases plant growth, stimulates root growth, improves plant vigor, and amplifies yield for food plants, flowers, foliage, lawns, and nurseries. Rich, black, odorless, aerated, and crumbly in texture, Premium Red Worm Castings are easy to mix and handle, by hand or machine, and produce powerful results.

Premium Red Worm Castings are sustainably produced in a process-controlled system that turns horse and dairy manure into premium quality super soil supplements. Because every batch of Premium Red Worm Castings starts with the same all-natural feedstock and follows the same production protocol, every batch is consistent, uniform, and repeatable. Growers, in turn, can depend on consistent nutrient analysis, microbial content, and plant performance in the greenhouse or field.

Soil Pharm™ Premium Red Worm Castings are professionally screened to remove seeds, roots, sticks, rocks, and any foreign material, and inhibit the growth of pathogens, adding only minerals, healthy micro-organisms, aeration, and a bio-diversity of life support to plants.

Product Quality & Guarantee

Our unique worm castings are 100% organic castings and 0% manure, making this product a rare find. Many worm casting products are mixed with manure, or the worms are not allowed to feed on all the manure, which may leave seeds, molds, weed roots, pathogens, and hazardous materials in the soil amendments.

Premium Red Worm Castings are an organic soil supplement made by millions of red tiger worms in a state-of-the-art facility in Tennessee. Truly a professional-grade organic soil builder and mineral enhancer, Worm Castings have been proven effective in independent university research, state agriculture department experiments, and the USDA, and is accepted by professional vegetable growers, ornamental growers, orchardists, and landscapers.

Both organic and conventional growers find excellent results using Premium Red Worm Castings as a component of germination mix and potting mix, as a transplant soil supplement, and as a top dressing for container plants or raised beds. They find that Premium Red Worm Castings work on anything that grows, including vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, grapevines, shrubs, container plants, and turf.