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Worm castings, or worm excretion, are an organic soil supplement that are odorless, humus rich, and loaded in trace minerals and other vital nutrients typically depleted through commercial farming techniques. They are the perfect organic plant and food nutrient source that starts with red worm castings made from composted cow and horse manure and is far superior to gardening dirt, food and leaf/grass compost or fertilizer:

  • It contains organic minerals and nutrients
  • It stimulates plant growth
  • It does not contain petro-chemicals
  • It contains the humus that builds soil, the stuff that makes soil the life line of food and plant production, and contains 50% more humus than what is normally found in topsoil


  • Organic

    No pesticides, no GMO’s, not ever!

  • Replenished soil

    Depleted soil is dead soil, devoid of microbial life and vital enzymatic activity that are supercharged with Premium Worm Castings

  • Trace metal platinates

    Worm castings contain transitional trace metal platinates, elements necessary for brain health and function, typically missing in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients

  • Trace minerals

    Worm castings contain vital organic trace minerals in their natural state

Worms Are the Forgotten Chemist

worm2Red Worms, known as red wigglers to fishermen and farmers alike, perform a unique organic chemical transformation using the 104 enzymes in their digestive tract that balance the cycle of life. They are an agricultural wonder, enriching soil, and producing a waste product that has been the secret of successful farmers and gardeners for centuries.

  • Through their digestive bile salts red worms have the ability to encapsulate ancient trace minerals, which are excreted and produce a supercharged soil supplement.
  • The electrical charge on the surface of red worm’s skin helps protect them from toxins, and they have high concentrations of protective enzymes for cell replication.
  • Worms consume waste products of all forms of life and deposit indigestible elements back into the soil in the form of “worm castings,” or waste from the worms’ eating cycle.
  • Trace Minerals, missing for centuries from the human diet, have left our bodies depleted of the necessary nutrients originally available in the soil that are returned by red wigglers.


How do worm castings work?

As organic matter moves through the digestive system of the red tiger worm (eisenia fetida), a thin layer of oil is deposited on the castings. This layer erodes over a period of 2 months, making plant nutrients more readily available through roots, which is slowly released to sustain growth over longer seasonal periods.

Why should I use worm castings?

Worm castings offer rehabilitation for depleted soil; they’re loaded with healthy microbial life: completely eco-friendly, safe and effective; are a non-toxic pest and ant repellant, turns harmful fungus into a food source; reduces water bills; creates soil composites and root development; and drastically improves the overall health, growth rate, and yield for your lawn, foliage, garden, and crops.

What about nutrient content?

Worm castings are the richest natural soil builder and nutrient provider known to man. As little as a tablespoon of pure worm castings provides enough organic plant nutrients to feed a 6″ potted plant for more than two months.

Will worm castings help my plants grow stronger?

Worm castings build a denser mico-rhizomosphere that enriches plants root system, holds more water, and promotes the development of a healthier immune system in resistance to drought, pests, root rot, and harmful fungi. Premium Red Worm Castings are concentrated nutrient dense soil supplements; a little goes a long way.

What is humus?

Worm castings contain humus, a natural soil, root, and aeration builder for healthy micorhize and the support of soil insects that perform delivery and uptake of micro-soil nutrients into the plants root system.

The Scoop on the Poop

Compost-WormsWe’re the real deal.

With Premium Red Worm Castings you get 100% worm castings, not just lip service. We feed our worms 100 lbs. of manure and we get 20 lbs. of pure castings. The worms are allowed to eat all the food and to process it through their 104 different enzymes digestive system, until there is no manure left. We offer only the pure, nutrient dense, black, organic soil supplement directly from red worms.

Nothing else compares!